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Simple HUD / After effects tutorial 2020

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What’s up filmmakers my names Justin Romeyn and today I’m going to show you how to create a Simple HUD or heads up display in after effects.

Now first off to make this effect look seamless you will have to make sure you or your subject’s acting is on point. Since the display is not actually there you have to really pretend that IT IS there!

The best way I’ve found to create this effect is to make it fully in after effects, and then export it as an .mp4 file to use in Premiere Pro. Which I’m assuming is where you do most of your editing.

Before you get to creating this effect, you need to have the screen recording or images you want to use. I did this by take screen grabs of my Youtube page. Keeping the height and width fairly consistent.

Once you have all the footage or photos you need - create a new composition in after effects and import your assets.

Drag and drop the video file of you ‘acting’ on your composition.

Next we are going to create the “screen” without worrying about where it’s positioned. In this case I made it just smaller than the composition’s dimensions.

Now is the tough part, use keyframe animation to line up the swiping or scrolling with your actions in the video. After you are done - Make sure you enable motion blur and select all your keyframes then hold down function F9 on a Mac to easy ease your keyframe animation.

Next we are going to create the simulated edges of the screen. Right click, new, solid, and make it black. Make sure it is right above the layer you want to “mask” - if you have multiple screen layers you’ll need to do this for each layer. Adjust the dimensions of the solid to be a tad bigger than the screen box.

To create the black solid to go away, create a mask by selecting the screen layer [below the black solid] and go up to the top and select layer - track matte - alpha Matte

Now we are going to make the screen look “futuristic” - do these steps for each screen layer you have - 1. drop the opacity down to 55% 2. Add a tint correction 3. Map black to baby blue and map white to white. Set tint amount to 74%.

Feel free to play around with these settings to make it look how you want!

Finally, select all the layers for the HUD and right click - precompose

This will group all those layers into its own composition, just like nesting in premiere pro!

After that, all we have to do is change the orientation of “the screen” to match what it looks like it should be for the video.

Go to the effects & presets tab and type in Basic 3D - drag and drop that on the pre-comp we made of the screen.

Using the swivel, tilt, and distance to image - rotate and tilt the “screen” to have the 3D orientation that makes the most sense for your “acting”

If you want to take it a step further, add a camera lens blur effect and drop shadow effect to really make your HUD come to life!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you want, snoop around my channel a bit and check out some of my other filmmaking tutorials. If you have a suggestion for a video, drop me a comment down below. That’s it for me, we will catch you filmmakers, next time!

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