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The stripped down Apple Server App, as seen in macOS Mojave

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Sooo, Apple did us engineers a solid when they decided to cut the Server App off at its knees. This engineer's opinion is such that Server made the latest set of macOS releases worth its weight in gold, when it came to using a Mac in the enterprise, even if it were to be a mere AFP File Server destined for glory. With most of the services now gone, for reasons unknown to me, we move on... to replace and repair our network services in a "more permanent way". Those "permanent ways" will be discussed in later videos. Hint: CentOS Linux.

From Apple's Support site:
Services included in macOS Server 5.7.1
The following services are included and fully supported in macOS Server 5.7.1:

Profile Manager
Open Directory

Services Migrated from macOS Server to macOS High Sierra (Including Mojave)
These services are now available in macOS High Sierra and later, and can be found in System Preferences | Sharing:

File Server
Caching Server
Time Machine Server
Service status

This table shows the status of each macOS Server service, and available alternatives.

Service Status Alternatives
FTP Removed in Server 5.4 SFTP/SSH
Server Docs Removed in Server 5.4 iCloud Documents, Apache/WebDAV
DHCP UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 bootpd, built into macOS
DNS Removed in Server 5.7.1 BIND, Unbound, KnotDNS
VPN Removed in Server 5.7.1 OpenVPN, SoftEther VPN, Tcpcrypt
Firewall UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 pf firewall (built into macOS)
Mail Server Removed in Server 5.7.1 dovecot/Postfix/Courier
Calendar Removed in Server 5.7.1 CalendarServer
Wiki Removed in Server 5.7.1 MediaWiki, PmWiki, XWiki,
Confluence, WordPress WMX files
Websites UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 Apache HTTP Server (built into
macOS), Nginx, Lighttpd
Contacts Removed in Server 5.7.1 CalendarServer, DavMail
Net Boot/Net Install UI tools removed in Server 5.7.1 BOOTP, TFTP, HTTP, NFS (all built
into macOS), NetSUS, BSDPy
Messages Removed in Server 5.7.1 ejabberd, Openfire, Prosody
Radius Removed in Server 5.7.1 FreeRadius
Airport Management Removed in Server 5.7.1 AirPort Utility

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